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Dermatophytes DP


  • Candida albicans
  • Epidermophyton floccosum
  • Microsporum spp.
  • Nannizzia gypsea
  • Trichophyton spp.
    • Trichophyton benhamiae
    • T. mentagrophytes/interdigitale
    • Trichophyton rubrum
    • Trichophyton soudanense
    • Trichophyton tonsurans
    • Trichophyton verrucosum
    • Trichophyton violaceum

Dermatophytosis are mycotic infections of the skin, hair and nails caused by filamentous microscopic fungi belonging to the genera Candida, Trichophyton, Microsporum and Epidermophyton. These infections are very common in the population (about 22% in European countries). Mycological diagnosis by conventional culture takes several weeks, unlike the molecular biology test proposed by Dendris, which can detect all the pathogens responsible for dermatophytosis in a single analysis while providing a rapid result. The medical service rendered of our solution considerably reduces the time of detection and identification (24 hours compared to 3-4 weeks) and its sensitivity is 30% higher than the culture.

Dendris with its molecular biology kit, based on DNA microarray technology, offers results in about 5 hours to cover the 12 fungi most responsible for dermatophytosis.

The kit includes:
– all reagents and consumables needed for sample pre-treatment, 18S/ITS combined PCR and hybridization

Key featuresBenefits
Simultaneous detection of 12 targetsLarge panel of dermatophytes and yeasts in one testTime saving
Validated analysis from swabsDirectly from the patientSimplified and fast sampling
Results interpreted at D0Faster diagnosis than conventional methodsTo improve patient care
Automated processHybridization on automated platformRobust analysis, security and productivity
Easy to interpretResults rendering software
using machine learning (AI) methods
No expertise required
High speed64 tests per run from primary sampleAdapted to technical platforms
ValidatedPassing of NEG and POS controls for each seriesSecure rendering of results

Number of samples mark
441 samples

Types of samples mark
Validated on swab of the infected area with dry swab
All types of human samples used in mycology
– Nails
– Hair
– Skin


Rapid and Accurate Diagnosis of Dermatophyte Infections Using the DendrisCHIP® Technology

Diagnostics 2023, 13 Novembre 2023

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