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Dendris, a new class of tests for the molecular diagnosis of infectious diseases

While the Covid-19 pandemic has shown that infectious diseases represent a major risk, not only for people’s health but also for the economy, the Dendris company has just developed a third generation biochip which aims to facilitate rapid identification of pathogens on an automated platform.

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Les fondateurs Dendris
Dendris launches the marketing of its syndromic molecular diagnostic solution

4 years after its creation, Dendris announces the launch of the marketing of its molecular diagnostic solution. The biotechnology start-up based in Labège is developing an in vitro diagnostic kit dedicated to public and private laboratories.

Dendris' multiplex in vitro diagnostics: a shield against pandemics

Press release – December 7, 2023

As winter approaches and in the post-COVID context, concern about pandemics is growing more anxiety-provoking. Dendris, a startup based in Labège (31), offers an innovative in vitro diagnostic solution, based on artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to massively respond to the challenges of fighting pandemics.

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Occitan start-up Dendris revolutionizes in vitro diagnostics using AI and machine learning

Press release – July 6, 2023

“There is no other in vitro diagnostic device that currently uses artificial intelligence,” explains Mathilde Plinet, data analysis engineer at Dendris in charge of learning the artificial intelligence model. Unlike other approaches based on predefined rules, Dendris has focused on machine learning with the use of an automatic supervised learning algorithm.

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Molecular diagnosis: when Dendris, the Occitane start-up, launches!

Press release – May 11, 2023

“Dendris comes out of the woods” is how Richard Fabre, one of its founders, a Toulouse biologist and creator of the Biopole laboratory, defines the reliable, robust and rapid diagnostic solution developed by the start-up (based in Labège), after several years of research and development. This new generation of diagnostic tools is aimed at health professionals (public and private laboratories), for better patient care by clinicians.

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DENDRIS, SME in Labège, to conquer of investors for its takeoff

Press release – 3 April 2024


DENDRIS wishes to raise €1.5 million to accelerate marketing of its solution and its deployment in France and internationally, to continue the development of panels covering all types of samples, finally for comply with the new CE IVDR regulations.

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