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Dr Richard Fabre
President, medical director
Member of the Strategic Orientation Council (SOC)

Doctor of pharmacy and biology, expert in molecular biology. Founder of the BIOPOLE medical analysis laboratory, joined the INOVIE group (more than 330 sites in France) in 2017, member of the board of directors of the biologists’ union. Author of more than 20 articles in the field of molecular biology.

Dr Jean-Marie François
Scientific director
Member of the SOC

Exceptional class professor in bio nano technology at INSA Toulouse.
Author of more than 180 scientific articles and 17 patents.
Works at Dendris as an expert in bioengineering on product development.

Dr Jean-Pierre Majoral
Scientific expert in Chemistry
Member of the SOC

Honorary research director at the CNRS, doctor in chemistry and world expert in nanochemistry and dendrimers. He is the author of 733 publications, 7 books and 47 patents. This work is cited in more than 23,000 publications.

Michel Corbarieu
Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
Member of the SOC

Co-founder of SILOGIC in 1989, a digital technology consulting company, a company which has experienced strong development, going from 12 employees in 1989 to more than 600 in 2006. At Dendris, in charge of organization, management and financial aspects.

Alain Léonard
Member of the SOC

Founder of the company Teknimed, leader in biomaterials. He brings all his industrial experience in the health field.


General Manager
Member of the SOC
Sales & Marketing
R&D manager
Thomas P.
R&D engineer in biology
Alternating data analysis and AI
Production manager and operational manager
Data analysis and AI project manager
R&D engineer in biology
Thomas C.
Application engineer
Production technician
Quality & Regulatory Affairs manager